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Dale in a Mexican restaurant

Dale Goodridge is a solo artist, musician, songwriter and singer from the UK now living in Melbourne, Australia.


 His music is mainly rock. A throwback to the classic albums of the 70’s with a contemporary edge and production. From acoustic soft rock ballads to heavy and energetic rock. He takes great care over the audio and has made an album people can listen to on headphones and on a good system. The atmosphere and feel is what he aims for with the music as well as good songs.


 He plays all the instruments himself. He aims to sound like a full band playing together with different personalities and styles.


Over the past four years, he has worked very hard to promote himself on social media and has developed a big listener base and following of people from all over the world who enjoy his work.


He recorded at The Motor Museum in Liverpool UK from January - March 2014.


Oasis, The Arctic Monkeys,The 1975, Keane, The Black Keys and My Morning Jacket have all recorded great music there.


The album, ‘Happiness In A World Full Of People’ is the result of his efforts. He's extremely proud of it and hopes you enjoy it too!

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